Cuba Mission


Iglesia Metodista Park Temple, Jovellanos, Cuba

SCUMC has had a covenant relationship with Park Temple Iglesia in Jovellanos, Cuba since 1995, and has visited them for prayer, fellowship Vacation Bible School, and worship dozens of times in that period.  SCUMC was even able to celebrate Park Temple’s 100th Year Celebration with them in 2006!  Through a network of ‘home churches’, Park Temple Methodist Church is nurturing their congregation and faithfully spreading the Gospel in Jovellanos.  They are truly an excellent example of evangelism and sacrificial love to all.

St Charles UMC will be traveling on mission to our Sister church in Jovellanos, Cuba November 2 thru 9, 2017 (note: these dates may slightly change within days).  Our relationship with the people of Park Temple church is one of love, hope, joy and faith in God and our Lord Jesus Christ. If anyone is interested in joining this mission, please call or text Pam @ 504-451- 5514 before Sept. 5th. We MUST know who will be traveling in order to obtain visas in Cuba. Life in Cuba is different but most who have gone there have returned blessed by the love of God’s people who are Park Temple Methodist Church. Pray, if God leads you, join Hismission!